What is the Friendliest Reptile for a Pet?

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Looking for a new pet is very exciting! You want to buy a reptile, but not just any reptile. You want a species that will not only make a good pet but actually enjoy your companionship. You’re looking for the friendliest reptile for a pet. But, what is it? Actually you have several options! In fact, many reptiles are friendly and enjoy being pets so the choice is yours!

The Friendliest Reptile for a Pet

Reptiles aren’t typically known for their cuddly nature, but the truth is that there are specific species of reptiles that enjoy being with you. With proper socialization, these reptiles can learn to be handled daily! That makes them good choices for families with children and for classrooms, science museums, and other educational facilities. Our top choices are:

#1 Bearded Dragon

If you’re looking for a reptile who likes you just as much as you like it, you want to buy a bearded dragon. Bearded Dragons can become close companions with their humans. As your pet Beardie gets to know you better, it will even learn to climb on your body and ride around on your shoulders. The level of care required for a Bearded Dragon is considered “easy.” Their overall hardiness and small-medium size make these lizards an excellent starter reptile. These friendly lizards are most active during the daytime hours and are not nocturnal like many reptiles, so they’re great for someone who wants to spend time with their reptile during the day. They eat a diet of vegetables, plants, insects, and fruits.

#2 Leopard Gecko

They are one of the most popular pet reptiles! Leopard Geckos are known for their calm nature. They are easy to handle and care for. They do well in a simple 10-gallon aquarium. Many families with children decided to buy a Leopard Gecko pet. They can be handled by kids as long as the young kids are supervised and warned of the potential to harm the gecko’s tail. Leopard Geckos are captively bred all over the US and so are commonly available in a wide range of color morphs.

#3 Black and White Tegu

You may think only a small lizard would be friendly enough to keep as a pet, but this is a common mistake. In fact, the Black and White Tegu is a wonderful, friendly pet! With proper socialization, these big lizards are friendly and social. Adult Tegus are highly docile, and these lizards are smart, too. They can even be housebroken! 

Reptile Pets from LPS Reptiles

This list is only the beginning of the pet reptiles we offer! With any additional questions, concerns, or if you’re simply ready to purchase your new pet, you can contact LPS Reptiles. We are dedicated to providing top quality healthy, captive bred reptiles. We strive to offer an informed and responsive service to our future pet owners. These animals are fascinating and intriguing, and we love to share our passion!

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